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Optrel Weldcap RC 3/9-12

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Lightweight comfort

The optrel weldcap® weighs just 400 grams. This makes it very lightweight. With the ADF closer to the eyes the weight of the product moves closer to it’s centre of gravity therefore increasing its stability and balance and it reduces neck strain.

Wider field of vision

The core of this innovative product is the optical unit, with its distinctive tail cut. Compared to conventional welding helmets optics sits nearer to the eyes with the advantage that the field of view of the welder to factor is 2.7 times larger

Grinding mode

With a protection level 3 in the open state, the welder has a bright and well-lit view on the workplace. The optrel weldcap® has an integrated grinding mode, because with all the benefits it is ideally suited to perform and grinding work.

Infinitely variable levels of protection regulation

The optrel weld cap is equipped with a continuously variable levels of protection regulation. The protection level indicates how much the ADF darkens. Depending on the welding process and amperage another level of protection should be chosen. The dark shade level 9-12 cover a large part of all welding applications.