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Optrel E684 Fully Automatic Welding Helmet

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Fully automatic welding helmet in HD quality.

Adaptive Shade Autopilot

Set it and forget it.

  • The adaptive shade level  control automatically  adjusts the perfect shade level.
  • An  additional sensor that measures  the arc intensitiy makes this autopilot function work. Therefore you always  keep control of the appropriate trajectory regardless of which  actual welding paramater  is  set. This  allows you to stay focused on  what really matters: Your welding process!

 High Definition Viewing

  • Superior viewing at every angle.
  • Like viewing a  high  definition television, the optrel e684’s special HD lens provides a true color view to the welder.
  •  Its  class 1   angular dependency  allows welders to see  the  clearest, crispest  view possible, enabling welders to concentrate more accurately on  their weld.

Cooling Helmet Design

Keep cool, even when the heat is on.

Reflecting light and heat, the optrel e684’s special silver helmet keeps  the  welder’s head cooler by 23%  compared to other unpainted helmets. In extreme environments, welders can work longer and be more comfortable in the long term.

Wellness for the Eyes

Groundbreaking technology prevents / reduces eye fatigue automatically.Unlike other  ADF  lenses that  rapidly return to  light, the  optrel e684’s  Twilight ADF  Technology restores light more naturally, presenting a smooth transition to the eyes.  This   exclusive technology  reduces eye fatigue on  welders who are continuously welding, enabling them to work longer and safer.

Increased Safety! Enhanced Productivity!

Take a deep breath.

The use of an  optrel PAPR system sustainably reduces  the risk of  respiratory disorders. The combination  with the  optrel e3000  PAPR offers you the highest protection level of P3.  Furthermore,  thanks to the variable air  distribution inside the helmet you fatigue much less and therefore you can concentrate longer. Protection and comfort for higher productivity!

Daily Multi-purpose use

Darkening levels from  5  to 13 cover the majority of welding applications and with a protection level 4 in its general mode, the welder has a bright and well-lit view of the work-place. This  feature enables the optrel e684 for  grinding jobs as well.


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